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Hi! I'm Lily

I'm a 20-something, young woman working in the Agricultural industry. I grew up in a small, rural village in South East Kent and now live on a farm in East Surrey. Blogging is my journal of life’s adventures and a place for me to share the little things I love. 

How Did I Get Into Agriculture? 

I grew up on a farm but I am not a born and bred farmer! My Mum works for HMRC and my Dad is a self-employed handyman,  but I have always had a passion for the great outdoors and animals. I have ridden horses from a very young age and been an active member of Young Farmers, this is where my passion for farming started. 

Once I finished secondary school I spent my summer working with a local Pedigree Sussex Cattle breeders, travelling around the UK showing the animals. From here I enrolled onto a broad-based 3 year Agricultural Diploma at Plumpton College, one of those years was spent out on farm placement putting everything I had learnt into practise. This is when I discovered I was not stuck out for tractor driving and livestock were my forte!

I did not let this deter me from my passion I just focused my career around what I was good at! I am very lucky to have supportive friends who also work in Agriculture and have been there every step of the way while I carve out my own path in the industry.  

What Do I Do?

After finishing at college I got a job working for Farmplan who supply software to the Agricultural industry, I started in support and training and then moved into sales in March 2018! After nearly 4 years with Farmplan I decided I wanted to take a slightly different path and started working for Vantage England & Wales in September 2019, taking on the role of Area Sales Manager for the South East - I will be selling Trimble GPS to all the lovely farmers in my area.

What Is My Blog About? 

It's a light-hearted daily account of my life, what I get up to and the people I meet along the way! Expect rural life, farming, animals and food! Especially booze - I'm partial to a G&T (or two!)

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